Lunch with Ming & Polly Tsai @
Newport Tan Can Seafood Restaurand

Dan and guests of honor Polly & Ming ordering.

Ming, Debbie & Kimo Cornwell with "The" Crab!

The Crab!!!!!

Guest of honor MIng getting first crack of The Crab.

Dan, Polly, Owner of Newport Seafood and Ming.

Giant Clam dish.

The Lobster.


We take ordering seriously even though it's lunch!

And more ordering . . .

Lettuce wrap & pork chops

With Newport Seafood Chef . . .

Another with Chef . . .

Compliments to the Chef.

John & Rosa Kuramoto and JC & Lorena.

We know who these are . . .

Lorena, JC & Dan with Ming.

June with Ming & Polly.

Dan & June with Ming & Polly.

Debbie, Kimo, Rosa & John with Ming

Trying to get artsy taking pictures.

After the Meal.

Relaxing & having fun.

June, Polly & Ming.

The group shot