by Dan Kuramoto

Blog May 12

Noel Lee with The Band, Santa Fe Station Las Vegas

Just got on the plane to Vegas. Meant to write this over a week ago when we started this year’s touring in Hawaii at the Blue Note in Honolulu, but things just got crazy. 6 shows in 3 days at the Blue Note AND Opening Spam Jam- a huge outdoor festival in Waikiki.

Got home and buried with stuff to do. You know what I’m talking about AND experienced a weird kind of jet lag-couldn’t really get a good night sleep until last night.

So, playing the Chrome Room tonight. It’s very special because it’s been 2 years since we last played (as you know we took last year off) and tonight Noel Lee the head of Monster Cable is coming.

We can’t say enough about the quality of Monster products and the genius and generosity of the inventor/ leader/ and Head Monster Noel Lee. Did you see the commercial at halftime of the last Super Bowl that featured state of the art headphones in a very subtle inventors environment that finished with the cool guy in the car? That was Noel!

He turned the music world upside down by inventing the best sounding music and audio cables back in the 80s, and coincidentally that’s when we got our start recording. In fact, he has quietly been the Asian brother who supported us with all his great gear throughout our career.

We have used his music cables as we’ve toured for over 30 years and not a one has ever failed to work! And his audio cables have been used on all our recordings. In fact, several of the top studios we used converted their audio cables to Monster after hearing ours including the best of the best the late brother George Duke.
But it doesn’t stop there. From power strips to Bluetooth speakers to headphones Monster leads the way in functionality AND musicality. When we mix our records we always cross Reference our mixes with Monster headphones. Real music.
Sorry if this sounds like a commercial but it’s honestly how enthusiastically we feel about what brother Noel has created and brought to the music world.
So, you’ll understand if we are even more pumped for tonight’s show. We want to make him proud.



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