by June Kuramoto

My January Blog….

Whoa--it’s Sunday and I’m due a January Blog! What do I say?

Somehow I always seem so far behind -- cannot keep up with the ‘stuff’ I should do! That also applies to all the ‘stuff’ I have. I am in constant battle to declutter my stuff. My daughter gave me a Marie Kondo book to help tidy up my stuff, but amidst all my stuff, I cannot find it!!! But I did start my journey to declutter. It feels good to have ‘space’. There is a calm and peace to see space. Zen.

So in Marie Kondo’s method, you make three piles: a pile to keep (things that give you joy), a pile to discard, and a pile to donate, (all with gratitude).

Speaking of donate, this a list of organizations I hope to donate from the sale of my CDs this year:

1. Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights
2. March For Our Lives
3. Save the Children
4. Children’s Hospital
5. APIDC (Asian Pacific Islanders with Disabilities, California)
6. Homeboys

There’s so much crazy madness going on right now. It’s difficult not to let it get me down. One way to rise above is to take action, give and be grateful. There is always room to give—especially giving of the heart.

Happy New Year of the Boar!!

Always with my heart & gratitude,


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