by JuneKuramoto

June 2018

Ahhhhh…. June is my month for “blog”.  Of course my internet was down beginning of the month (excuses, excuses) but I had no time anyways--the story of my life.  Speaking of

      I can’t believe I’ve been playing koto for more than sixty years!  I would have played koto forever because of my love for the instrument and the culture and country it represents, but I don’t think I would have been able to play in the band with its demanding schedule of touring, recording, rehearsals, PR (interviews, appearances), etc. without certain people.

      The key people who helped me tremendously (to name a couple)—more than they’ll ever know—more than I could ever thank and did not do enough for them are:

      The late Attorney Paul Moore whom I had the privilege and honor to work with for over 20 years during my career with the band.  I called him “Mr. Moore”.  He was my mentor of life as well as my boss.  He was the father figure I did not have growing up.  He guided me through my divorce, raising Lani, buying a house, came to whatever performances I had if his schedule permitted to support me, the band and the arts.  That’s the kind of person he was.  I could never thank him enough.

      The other is Helen & Papa Evenson.  They helped me raise and take care of Lani (my daughter) while I rehearsed, performed, travelled, recorded, and even rested.  Lani was very special to them.  I saw that in them with their loving care, but they were also just as special to us.  As with Mr. Moore I don’t think I showed them enough appreciation.  I wish I could have done more for them as all they had done for me!

      Of course I have my family and multitude of friends who were there for me and still are!

      What I want to do for the rest of the month is keep adding to this…give more detailed stories about them!  I’ll try to be diligent but this month is just crazy so don’t hold your breath!

      Please take good care, enjoy the summer and don’t forget to hug your family! 


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