by Danny Yamamoto

Feeling Grateful

Hi Everyone,

I am the luckiest person on the planet. You want to talk about being blessed and having grace show up over and over again? I get to make music in one of the best bands around. With Hiroshima Iíve surpassed all of my wildest musical dreams. Iím so grateful to Dean for making my drumming life so much easier with his world class groove, to Kimo a soulful virtuoso and just about the best keyboard soloist Iíve ever worked with, to Dan for having the vision to create and mold this special, one of a kind band and the fortitude to push and make it happen, and to June a great classical Koto player who became an amazing, second to none improviser. And Dean, Dan, Kimo, and June are so much more. Most importantly, theyíre just good people. Forty years in the music business...I never, ever dreamed that we would have lasted this long and weíre not done. The fire still burns. Watch us light it up!

- - Danny


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